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Aloo Paratha / Aloo Chapati is a paratha stuffed with spicy potato mixture. This potato mixture can be made according to our taste and preference. Some prefer sauteed potato masala for stuffing and some prefer simple spiced potato stuffing. For kids, you can add some boiled and mashed veggies along with this mashed potato  for a easy healthy breakfast recipes or  healthy snack box recipe.Here am with a simple stuffing without sauteing. Some healthy breakfast ideas /foods similar to this aloo paratha are Chana paratha, rajma paratha, veg paratha, gobi paratha, palak paratha, methi paratha and like so. Such easy nutritious food for breakfast is liked by both kids and adults equally.  Hope you all like this stuffed paratha or stuffed chapathi recipe. You can use any pickle or chutney for this chapathi side dish. 
And now about the dough (chapathi dough)... While kneading the chapati flour / chappati flour add few teaspoon of oil to make the chapathi soft. Some use dried mango powder or dried pomegranate seeds powder for a slight sourness to this aloo paratha. So here is the recipe showing how to make aloo paratha recipe / aloo chapati recipe. 
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 easy nutritious food for breakfast with potato stuffing served with chutney or pickle indian healthy recipes or veg recipes of india


for the whole wheat dough

Wheat flour   / Atta                          - 2 cups
Oil                                                    - 2 tbsp
Hot water                                         - as required for kneading

For the stuffing

Potato                                       - 2 big potatoes, boiled and mashed
Kashmir chilli powder              - half tsp
Turmeric powder                      - quarter tsp
Garam masala powder             - quarter tsp
Amchur / dried mango powder - 1 tsp (optional, for the tanginess)
Green chilies                            - 1, chopped
Coriander leaves chopped       - chopped, 3 tsp
Ghee for topping the paratha.


Making of paratha / chapathi

  • In a wide bottomed vessel, add wheat flour, salt and oil. To this, add hot water drop by drop and mix it with a spoon or ladle(as it is hot). Do not add more water. Bring the mixture together and slowly knead the dough very well until soft. Set aside until you prepare the stuffing.

Making of potato stuffing /aloo masala

  • Cut the potato into four pieces and pressure cook the potatoes for 2 whistles(do not peel the skin). When done, peel the skin and mash it very well without any lumps. 
  • When done, add all other ingredients (except ghee) given under stuffing . Mix well. Set aside.


  • Make small balls with the chappathi dough. Dust the balls and flatten each ball with a rolling pin and make small round disc length chapati. Set aside.
  • Make balls with the potato masala/aloo masala. Set aside.
  • Now take a small round disc length chapati, place a potato ball in the center. Now take the edge of the small disc length chapati, make pleats and bring it to the center. 
  • Now press the center of the pleats.
  •  Now sprinkle some flour and roll it slowly to make a ball with your hands.
  • Flatten it with the rolling pin slowly and cook the paratha over a medium heat on a hot tawa. 
  • When one side is cooked, spread some ghee and flip the other side. When done, stack them up in a covered casserole for the soft paratha.
  • Serve hot along with pickle or chutney.
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