January 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This shrimp dish is much loved by many people around the world. I love shrimp recipes to the core. Pepper shrimp fry is one of my family's favorite seafood recipes. Whenever my hubby brings fresh shrimps, i often go for the same recipe of shrimp fry even without a second thought. But this time, i made lots of varieties with this seafood. And here is one among those recipes. Lets move on to the recipe..here  shallow fried prawns / shrimps are again stir fried in the hot fiery sauce or condiment along with belacan (Malaysian shrimp paste ) which tastes best when served with hot steamed rice. There are many variations in Sambal and this sambal udang recipe. Fish sauce and shrimp paste is added as per our taste and preference. Though belacan is the soul of this dish, i prefer not using this paste here in this recipe as  some are allergic to dried fish  like me. Still this dish taste equally tantalizing . A super delicious shrimp recipe which can be prepared even though you have a busy schedule. All u need is sambal , the hot fiery sauce to spice up this dish. This sauce can be prepared ahead of time and can be refrigerated for this instant prawn dish.  

prawn recipe sambal udang prawn sambal shrimp roast fiery hot

prawn sambal recipe shrimp dish sambal udang condiments



Prawns / shrimps        - 15 nos, medium sized
Kashmir chili powder - quarter tsp, optional
Lemon juice                 - half tsp
Salt to taste (add less)
Oil for shallow frying


Sambal                        - half a cup or more as per your preference
Tamarind juice            - 3 tbsp
Tomato sauce               - 1 tbsp (fish sauce or dried shrimp paste  (belachan) are used instead of tomato sauce, but as some are allergic to dried fish like me, i skipped this in this recipe. Use only any one of these sauce)
Salt if required


  • Wash, peel and scissor half the head of the prawns. Lets use head of the prawns in this recipe as they give a rich flavor to the dish. You can make this dish with unpeeled prawns but it is quite difficult to eat when compared to peeled prawns. 
  • Then marinate the cleaned prawns with chili powder (optional), lemon juice and salt. Heat a pan with less oil and shallow fry it for 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer it to a plate.
  • Now in the same oil, add the prepared Sambal ((click here for recipe) Saute for a while and then add the tamarind pulp.
  • Mix well and add tomato sauce (can add fish sauce or belacan instead) . Saute for a while and then add the shallow fried prawns to it. 
  • Combine well. Season with sugar and salt and let it cook over a medium low flame for few minutes or until you get a required consistency. 
  • When done, serve hot with steamed rice. Yummy.

Monday, January 16, 2017


Here is the recipe for one of the fiery spicy condiments from Indonesian cuisine. Sambal is the native to the cuisine of Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. The word Sambal is an Indonesian loan word from Javanese origin (sambel).  It is the staple in Malaysian and Thai cooking. They called this condiment as Sambal Olek which means ground chili, where olek means the mortar and pestle used for grinding this condiment.  Traditionally sambal is freshly ground using a stone pestle and mortar which has a coarse texture and consistency. Sambal is a hot sauce made from a mixture of chilli peppers or dried chili along with ginger, garlic, shallot, vinegar, sauces and the shrimp paste which gives a fishy flavor. Recently while i was googling, i got a sambal recipe which is purely veg. So for this veg version, i skipped using fish sauce and shrimp paste in this recipe. I made this sambal recipe the following day and had it as a condiment along with my breakfast. With the leftover sambal,  i made a  hot prawn dish namely sambal udang.  I strongly recommend  to  use this hot spicy condiment to add spice and flavor to most of your favorite dishes. A must try recipe for all those hot fiery dish lovers. You can spice up your stir fry recipes, noodle dishes, soups, fish recipes with a small portion of this hot sauce. This hot and spicy condiment can be prepared ahead of time and can be refrigerated. Now a days it is available in most of the supermarkets. Still i prefer homemade freshly ground sambal for adding to any fish or chicken recipes as it is quick and simple. 

sambel indonesian cuisine dish sambal condiments dishes


Dried red chili                     - 10 - 12 nos, as per your preference
Shallots                                - 6 nos
Garlic                                   - 8 nos
Ginger                                  - 2 inch slice
Sugar                                    - 1 tsp
Salt                                       - to taste
Lemon juice                          - 1 tbsp
Coconut Oil                          - 2 tbsp


  • Soak red chili in hot water for few minutes and then coarse grind them well in a mixer.
  • To this add shallots, ginger, garlic and again grind it to a smooth paste by adding little water. 
  • Now heat a pan with oil and add the paste in this. Cook it until oil floats on the top. 
  • When done, season it with sugar and salt. Mix well.
  • Finally add some lemon juice and mix well. Set aside.
  • Garnish with some dried chili seeds.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Biryani , one of the most loved delicacies which needs no introduction. The word biryani itself brings me a mood of celebration.  Whether after a long restless hours or a lazy weekend or for a scrumptious party meal..it apt to suit all occasions.  It is simply a  rice based dish made with basmati rice, aromatic spices and meat / veggies. Though this rice recipe is prepared and enjoyed in most of the countries, it (biriyani) is specially considered as the common festive dish in Southern part of India. This evergreen dish can be prepared in different style depending upon the country or region. Thus the flavor and taste differs from place to place. The blending of rice with meat in a perfect ratio calls for the perfect biryani. Choosing the best quality rice plays the vital role in most of the biryani recipes. Long grain basmati rice, Jeerakashala, Kaima, India gate are some of the most recommended rice for making biryani in South India. The use of wide variety of spices is the another attraction in biryani recipes. These aromatic whole spices or ground spices gives a distinct aroma to this special rice recipe. Some popular biryani recipes are Malabar dum biryani, Veg biryani recipe, mutton biryani recipe, hyderabadi biryani, thalassery biryani, and like so. For those biryani lovers, here are some good collection of this delightful one pot meal which suits any occasion. 
biryani recipes rice dishes one pot meal special rice recipes

Thalassery , a region in Kerala (India) is known for its biryani . Thalassery biriyani is a rice based dish blended with spices and chicken. It is the popular biryani recipe in Kerala cuisine and so it is called as Kerala biryani. This dish is a traditional Malabar cuisine (one of the non vegetarian cuisine in kerala). In malabar, biryani is served in each and every special occasions....Click here for RECIPE

Hyderabadi biryani is  a form of biryani which is considered to be the most flavorful among Indian biryani. Hyderabadi egg biryani is a popular biryani of India which is named after the city Hyderabad. The aroma and flavor of this dish makes a drooling feel. The hard boiled eggs are marinated and tossed in a pan before blending with the rice and gravy. This is the famous and popular one pot meal with hard boiled eggs. Click here for RECIPE.

Fish Biryani is a popular and traditional Indian dish which is very delicious and nutritious too. Biryani is an all time favorite and a heavenly dish, which can be cooked in many variations. Fish biriyani is an excellent dish with fish and an amazing rich nutritious dish for all seafood lovers. Fish is marinated, shallow fried, and mixed with the masala gravy, then blended with the cooked rice which gives an aromatic flavor and it tastes simply superb..Click here for RECIPE..

Though biryani is originated in Persia, it is more popular  in malabar areas in Kerala. In malabar, biryani is served in each and every special occasions. Malabar Chicken dum biryani / malabar chicken biriyani is always something very special as it is made with a special rice called khaima. And the blending of cooked rice and cooked chicken gravy ( called as dum) makes the dish  an outstanding one. Click here for RECIPE..

A fusion of Italian and  Indian cuisine which is very easy to cook, bursting with flavors that makes this recipe a winner. I fell in love with alfredo sauce after making Alfredo chicken pasta last month for the first time. Since then, i often make this Italian dish at home as it is fast and fantastic. I was thinking  for a twist in my every trial that makes me to  put my hands on this special rice recipe which was a great  hit in my kitchen. Click here for RECIPE..

Yet another Malabar delicacy which is known for its taste and flavor. Here lamb or mutton is cooked with little spices and then sauteed along with the onion gravy, the  traditional way of making lamb biryani.  The stock water after cooking mutton is used for cooking rice which makes this biryani a drooling taste. A must try mutton biryani recipe.  Click here for RECIPE..

 Hyderabadi  chicken biryani is the spicy, fragrant and colorful variant of biriyani in india. Here am sharing the  traditional way of making hyderabadi biryani  which is by cooking the raw marinated chicken with  the half boiled basmati rice and kept on dum until done. This biriyani is quite rich and has an awesome taste with a mouthwatering aroma. Click here for RECIPE..

 There are many variations in biriyani depending upon the ingredients as well the region.  It is considered as a royal dish and has a great role in the menu of royal kitchen. Duck also has a special role in Chinese cuisines, French menu, American cuisine and so on..Biriyani with duck is a very popular and a variety dish mainly in Kerala, India. As the biriyani is an unavoidable dish in most of the special occasions or functions in kerala, people always prefer some varieties of biriyani specially  duck biriyani, quail biriyani....Click here for RECIPE..

The best and perfect biryani for a wonderful night parties or for a get together parties. A delicious, aromatic, finger licking biryani recipe .  It is simple when compared to other rice recipes but the time consumed for grilling the chicken is the only boring part. Here a well marinated and grilled chicken is steamed with biryani rice which makes this dish heavenly delicious. Click here for RECIPE..

Today am going to share a very famous Indian delicacy of Punjabi cuisine - Chicken Tikka Biryani . Normally the preparation of tikka biriyani is very lengthy as it involves the grilling process. So i searched google for the recipe without grill and got  easiest and finger licking recipes. Here, all other process are same like other varieties of biriyani, except  the marination and cooking of chicken. Click here for RECIPE..

 For this you can either deep fry or shallow fry the chicken, then mixed with the gravy / masala and finally the dum process which makes the biryani heavenly taste. Click here for RECIPE.

A royal and popular rice dish which is very common in special occasions especially in Kerala, India. This shrimp recipe tastes distinct when compared to other shrimp recipes. The blending of rice with shrimp masala is quite easy and quick when compared to other biryani recipes. Click here for RECIPE.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Upma / Uppumavu is a South Indian breakfast dish which is commonly made using dry roasted semolina. According to the personal preference vegetables are added for seasoning this yummy breakfast recipe. Sometimes even shredded chicken or meat is added for additional flavorings. There are lots of variations in Upma recipe. Rice upma, Dalia upma, Idli upma, Bread upma, vermicelli upma are some common variations in upma recipes. As this healthy Indian breakfast is very quick and easy to make, most of us prefer this dish for breakfast . Here is the recipe showing how to make semolina upma /rava upma / healthy breakfast ideas /quick breakfast.

rava upma or semolina upma indian breakfast recipe vegetarian indian recipe


Roasted semolina / rava  / suji      - 1 cup
Onion                                            - 1, thinely sliced
Ginger                                           - 1 piece, cut into thin slice
Carrot                                            - 1, small, finely diced
French beans                                 - 5 nos, thinely chopped
Green chilies                                 - 1, chopped thinely
Water                                             -  2 cups
Ghee                                               - 2 tsp (can use oil instead)
Mustard seeds                                 - quarter tsp
Curry leaves 


  • Heat ghee / oil in a wide bottomed vessel and splutter mustard seeds. When done, add curry leaves.
  • To this add sliced onion, ginger, green chilies and saute for a while. 
  • Once it is done, add the diced carrot and french beans. Saute until the vegetables are done. Add some salt. ( Be careful while adding salt to upma ).
  • When vegetables are done, add two cups of water. And cover it with a lid until it get boiled. Once boiled, reduce the flame to medium low. Check for salt if required. 
  • Now add the roasted semolina or rava little by little, stirring continuously. Mix well quickly to avoid lumps. (You can dry roast the normal semolina for few minutes over a medium low flame instead of using roasted semolina).
  • Close the lid and allow the semolina mixture to cook in low flame until all the water is evaporated.
  • Switch off the flame, once the Rava / upma is well cooked, soft and thick.
  • Stir well again and can drizzle little fresh ghee on the top for a nice aroma and flavor. This is optional. 
  • Serve hot with a papad or pickle or chana masala. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Curd rice which is popularly known as Thayir sadam in Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil nadu and Kerala is a  one pot rice dish tempered with spices . This special rice yogurt recipe is very simple to make and is mostly accompanied with South Indian pickles. A perfect dish which aid to easy digestion and is considered as the best for kids lunch meal. There are lots of variations in the preparation of this yogurt rice / curd rice. The variation mostly depends upon the seasoning of this rice recipe. The seasoning ranges from grated carrot to pomegranate seeds, raisins, fried cashews or like so. Here i used the carrot slices as the additional ingredient. You can serve this curd rice chilled or lukewarm. Hope you all give this simple healthy rice recipe / dahi chawal / thayir sadam a try, which is one of the best comfort foods during summer. As the intake of yogurt or curd helps to reduce our body temperature, it is served after a delectable meal to balance the heat. And moreover this is the best way to make use of leftover rice effectively and quickly.  Here is the recipe showing how to make thayir sadam / yogurt rice / curd rice / rice yogurt / indian vegetarian recipes / simple indian recipes /brown rice recipes.

curd rice or yogurt rice thayir sadam special rice recipes simple healthy quick

ayeshas kitchen curd rice or yogurt rice thayir sadam special rice recipes simple healthy quick

Related Rice recipes


Cooked rice                   - 1 cup , cooled
Thick curd /yogurt         - half a cup (adjust as required)
Salt as required


Carrot thinly sliced            - 3 tsp
Green chilies                      - 1, chopped
Mustard seeds                     - quarter tsp
Cumin seeds / jeera             - less than quarter tsp
Urad dal                               - half tsp
Curry leaves


  • Take the cooked rice (cooled) in a large bowl. ( Normally white rice is used for making curd rice / thayir sadam. But here i used brown rice / matta rice, the best way to include brown rice in our diet).
  • To this, add fresh curd / yogurt and combine well with the cooked rice. (  Some people mash the cooked rice before adding the curd, but i never prefer so. All you need is, the rice must be little mushy. You can also add little milk if the curd is more sour. ) Add more or less curd as per the consistency needed.
  • Now heat a pan with little oil and saute all the ingredients for seasoning.
  • Add this seasoning to the curd rice and check for salt.
  • Stir well and serve along with pickle or stir fried veggies.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Here is the recipe for chicken balls with leftover curried chicken and bread. Easy snack recipes with chicken is always favorite for children.  It is very lovely to enjoy something hot and crispy for evening snacks especially in this winter. I prefer bread snack ideas to savor along with a nice cup of tea only because of its easiness. For those who wants some easy snacks to make for your kids or for your family, here it is. I am sure this recipe won't let u down. Kindly requesting to adjust the spices as per your taste and preference. So here is the recipe showing how to make snacks with leftover chicken or veggies / quick and easy snacks /quick snack recipes /bread snacks recipe / snacks with bread.

chicken bread balls leftover recipes bread recipes snacks recipes

ayeshas kitchen chicken bread balls leftover recipes bread recipes snacks recipes

Similar recipes


Bread                                       - 5 nos, 
Onion                                       - 1 , very finely chopped
Leftover curried chicken         - half a cup , shredded
Leftover cooked sweet corn     - quarter a cup, optional
Milk                                          - 2 tbsp or as required for dough
Pepper powder                          - half tsp
Soy sauce                                  - 1 tbsp
Chopped coriander leaves         - 1 tbsp, optional
Bread crumbs                             - half a cup
Salt if required
Oil for frying


  • Add all the ingredients together in a large bowl except oil and milk. (you can use any cooked meat or veggies instead )
  • Then press tightly all these ingredients with your hand and make a smooth dough by adding milk. 
  • Then shape them into small balls and roll them in bread crumbs. As we are using cooked corn here, you have to shape them well to make lemon sized balls.
  • Heat oil in a pan and deep fry these balls until golden. 
  • Do not over fry and drain it to a paper towel once done.
  • Serve hot.
  • Garnish with some pop stick and serve with hot chili sauce.
You can use fried chicken instead of curried chicken. If so, u have to use more milk and spices while binding the dough.
You can use leftover cooked vegetables and mash them well instead of  curried chicken.
You can also saute all the ingredients in less oil (except bread slices) before binding them together, if u prefer.